Welcome to Summer College!

Dear Summer College Student,

Wow, you are finally moving to Ithaca, NY for Summer College! You are about to get a taste of life on a beautiful Ivy League campus, take thought-provoking college courses with acclaimed professors and meet new people. You will live, study, and play with other students your age from all over the nation and the world. (And by the end of Summer College, they will become some of your closest friends!)

Now that you are a Summer College student you must study well for your courses and know when to ask for help. Use the tutoring and advising services offered. Attend leadership and diversity workshops. Get involved with your residence hall programs and join some clubs! Try a new intramural sport, go on some large scale weekend programs and do not be afraid to approach any of the faculty or staff!

The Summer College staff hopes that this summer will be one of the most fulfilling, unforgettable, life-changing, humbling, and rewarding summers yet. You will have many learning opportunities and have so much fun. And remember to have some fun in the Ithaca sun!