How to Survive Your Second Week of Summer College

By Ashma Thomas

So this ends the second week of classes here at Cornell University Summer College. Things are more definitely more hectic than the first week. You probably had your prelim exams, I hope you studied! There’s more and more homework and the lectures are becoming increasingly tiresome. Luckily the food is always good! You may be feeling stressed about the final exams coming up and the final paper being due soon, but don’t fret. I’m going to share my 7 tips on surviving the second week!


1. Eat


This goes without saying. Without food, you have no energy to listen and take notes effectively. You won’t feel like engaging in discussions or associating with your colleagues. Make sure you are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

2. Sleep 


Sleep is very very important. If you’re not a morning person, try taking power naps. The best time power naps are either 30 minutes or 90 minutes. You don’t want to interrupt your sleep cycle or you will be feeling tired even after you wake up. Or just try going to bed earlier!

3. Pay attention in class


I can guarantee, just about EVERYTHING is important. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be on the test but it does mean that it’s significant to the course.

4. Ask questions


If you’re confused about something, you don’t have to wait until office hours to ask about whatever you’re confused about. If you don’t want to address it in class, usually TAs are available right after class for a little while.

5. Take notes


It goes without saying, unless you have perfect memory of hearing, you’ll forget what the professor said unless you writing it down.

6. Study

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Of course, study. Prelim exams are supposed to be a foreshadow of how well you’ll do on the final exam. They are worth around 20 percent of your overall grade, so you don’t want to flunk it.

7. Have fun


Don’t let the stress of exams and papers take away from you going to new places, trying new foods, or seeing new sights. Even taking a walk around campus can be a great stress reliever. Manage your time.

There you go guys! I hope you succeed in your second week with my 7 lucky tips!