Things to Pack (that they don’t tell you!) for Summer College

By Ivy Wang

1.If you’re in Donlon, bring a floor lamp.


Donlon  does not have ceiling lights so it gets dark and gloomy in your room after 6. The reading lamps that come with the desks don’t provide enough light (although the floor lounges have lights and are a very productive place after 8). If you are in Balch, your room will have a nice ceiling light but lounges are darker.

 2. Check the weather before packing


This session was rainy and the temperature was in the mid 80s, but during other sessions there have been droughts and mid 90-degree weather. Come prepared for the weather (which will most likely involve some rain).

3. Come with an open mind


You get to learn cool new things, experience college life, and meet new people from around the world. What they don’t tell you is that you also have to be open in order to:

  • Accept the fact you don’t know everything
  • Deal with difficult roommates
  • Walk (a lot)
  • Sit through some long lectures 
  • Make friends with people from different cities, countries, courses and with completely different views

4. Bring some substantive snacks (or more pocket money).


The debate over which campus eatery, Trillium or  RPCC, had the best food  ended without a significant win. Some people claim that Trillium has higher quality food but others point out that there isn’t as much of a variety as there is in RPCC which is buffet-style. However, nearly everyone agreed that three (or six) weeks of pretty much the same food isn’t much fun. A lot of students do opt to go to Collegetown to explore restaurants there.