Taking Your Game to School: Tips for Student Athletes

By Cornell Admissions  For many college-bound students, the admissions selection process becomes more complex when the possibility of athletics enters the picture. If participation in intercollegiate athletics is in your plans, careful planning is as important as selecting which academic environment is right for you. Obviously, the first question you must ask yourself is if […]

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Thoughts on a Summer Night

A poem by Yufei Susan Yang  仿佛是三月春雨 又是八月骄阳 手里还拿着的雨伞 面对即将露出的太阳 天又明亮 雨又彷徨 好像那日的我们 懵懂中 一幕幕斗志昂扬   English Translation of Thoughts on a Summer Night: It’s like the shower in March It’s like the sun in August Holding umbrellas in our hands Facing the rising sun that was hiding in the clouds The sky is bright […]

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The Intersection of Neuroscience and Hospitality

Opinion By Jared J. Makheja Business’ success often depends on behavioral changes by the employees to the ever-changing consumer. As consumer expectations alter, business’ behaviors should alter to the consumer’s needs as well. In order to best alter business practices to the consumer’s needs, businesses must employ neuroscientific tactics. Harnessing the study of the brain […]

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